Thursday, December 6, 2007


Mens Speedos so repulsive . Used to work in a gym and by the pool they would stand talking to staff with their hands on their hips and their big bellies hanging out and their willie s poking through. Defo should be illegal. Death sentence for breaking the law

Al children n oap's shud b banned frm grafton street food establishments between 1 - 2! ;-) dan da man, balbrigan

Hi jim and niamh, girls with muzzys, thats gank, magnum p.i went years ago. Wax on wax off. Gar charlestown

There was a law in maynooth that one side of the street had to be free from places that sold alcohol so the priests in training could walk along there without temptation. The law was only abolished this year!

U should outlaw people using the easypass lane when coming up to the toll and then pulling into the cash lane at the last minute and blocking d easypass lane(john mc)

Irish men on hol's shd not b allowed wear sock's with those horrible jerusalem dock's/horrible big sandal's they wear!!

All dopey drivers that pull out into the fast lane going only 80km an hour while everyone else is going 120km. These dopes will only cause accidents.. Also people who drive way to slow in the fast lane, i dont think they realise that people need to get to work and they are holding up a big queue of traffic with every driver filling up with frustration. Its hateful... Shane.

Im sick of people pullin out in front of me n i hav 2 jam on d brakes. They shud let people report d drivers who do it n if their reported 3times they shud get a warnin n if they get another 3 reports they shud get a penalty point r 2 n dat wil stop d dangerous driver's like jerry ryan.

Ban the guarda from carrying there mobile phones whilst working im fed up watching them driving and on the phone aswell why should they get away with it. Mark cabra west

Ther shud be a law against grown men shouting at the tele wen man utd and liverpool are playing.lads yiz are irish plus soccer is a girls game
I think cafes that redecorate nd put prices up should be banned!! Ours beside our school is e2 4 a 500mil bottol coke like wats goin on there?? Joanne XXxXx

Good morning, i think people beggin@traffic lights/redheads&hairy women+Dickie rock because e looks like he melting they should all be done away wit or giving a one way ticket2islands eye, even better the moon.

I'd outlaw vpl, otherwise known as visible panty line, you know when women wear big knickers under tight trousers and you see the bridget jones arse on them, horrible. Terry in ballyfermot
Pls pls ban very overweight girls from wearing tight jeans with tops that dont cover their bellies which ooze out over top of their jeans - mingin. Adam