Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well on Monday we asked everyone to text in with mean stories about people they know!! People who are a bit tight!! Here are just a few of the texts that came in:

My friend was that mean he got double glazing fitted so the kids couldnt hear the ice cream van. Love your show

A fella i work with switches off his engine in traffic to save petrol! It costs more to keep starting it! And goes to arnotts for breakfast and pretends he works there! And hides the sausages under the toast

My sister is so mean she sits in her house wit a blanket round her so she doesnt hav 2 use d gas, james

The canteen in my work are so mean, they charge 22c for ketchup and 60c for a slice of ham!

My cousin brings in tea bags to college so instead of paying extra for tea she buys a cup of hot water instead. Sinead

Big office clearance a couple of years ago. Accountant had us empty black sacks into a skip while keeping the sacks to reuse. Tight. Graham in ballinteer.

Had been seeing a guy for a bit but decided it wasn't working ... He sent me a txt asking me to post him 7o quid for my share of dinner ...

My dad uses his old car tyres to re heal his shoes regards leo from cavan

When i was an apprentice my sparks made me jump into a skip and throw out a load of old paint cans.he got a big bucket and mixed all d scraps of colours together then went home and painted his sitting room with the dirty vomit colour. Brian lucan

This man that i share a house with he marks his milk every morning so no 1 else can use it and use's d same tea-bag about 20 time's