Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So we've all done them, we've all seen them... what is the stupidest thing you've seen or done?! Here's the top 10 from you guys this morning!

10. A friend got a shock from an electric fence and when he was showing how it happened he touched it again and knocked himself out again!!
9. When I was younger my mother asked me to clean my face so I pulled out windowlene and sprayed it in my face!
8. I stopped on the side of a road to have a wee and didn't see the electric fence and got a bolt up my.... (ouch!!)
7. I left my baby on the train!
6. When I was a kid I plucked the feathers off my budgie and pulled its leg off!
5. When I was younger I jumped off the shed to catch a butterfly and didn't realise I had to hit the ground at some stage... got a week off in hospital!
4. Untill 2 years ago I thought bin men worked for free and you only gave them money at christmas... I'm 27 now!
3. I played with a lighter when I was 12 while sitting on a 5 gallon drum of petrol with its cap off and it went on fire and burt me
2. My brothers favorite song came on the radio and wanted to tape it so he turned off the radio to go and get a tape thinking that would stop the song!
1. A guy I know was driving a truck and came to a bridge that was too small so he went for it anyway... when he was asked why he said that he thought if went fast enough he'd get through!!