Thursday, January 25, 2007


This morning we had Dublin band Reemo in studio, you can check out the session on iTunes and download it straight to your iPod just log on to for more details.

Sandra was back on top this morning with the 80's song... Eurythmics - There Must Be An Angel was the tune.... what a weird video it has too!!

And if your not in the mood for work in the morning we were looking for the best excuses to give the boss, some gas ones here!! Here's the top 5!!

5) Anytime I'd ring in sick I'd ring the boss and tell him my granny died, he finally caught me out when I used that excuse 3 times! He asked me how many grannys I had! - James in Clondalkin

4) Hi, I remember I got let go from my job a couple of years ago and friday was my last day but on the sunday I went out and had too much to drink so early on the monday morning I phoned up, still drunk and not thinking said I won't be in I don't feel too well... they said that's why you were let go!!

3) I'm not going to work today 'cos its the end of January, I'm on beans and toast... I'm starving... and I can't afford the bus fare!

2) I told my boss I was late because I was on the train and it got a puncture..he believed me for about 5 secs then cracked up laughing and let me away with it!

1) I can't come in today because they moved the bus stop and I don't know where it is?!

Have a great day! Talk to ya in the morning ;)