Friday, February 16, 2007


Farting in bed and then saying wat was that

The worst thing that a woman can say during an argument is WHAT DO MEAN. WHAT DO I MEAN

Annoying habit some men can't find the laundry basket!

My husband scratches his bum and smells his fingers. Aaah has to be the worse bad habit ever!

An old boss would start a sentence with "no offence"... At which point you just knew someone would be offended

I love to smell my own socks i always do it evey nite when i cum in d miss's goes mad my two year old son does it aswell joe

A guy i work with moans when he eates, it sounds he’s having sex, puts me off my lunch.

My hubby picks his nails and corn on his toe and throws them behind the sofa.

My girlfriend keeps breedin its an awful habbit it i wish she'd ever stop. .

One i have is when i fart in bed, i have to stick my head under the covers to smell it, oh i will grab my girl friends head under too to make sure she enjoys it too. Chris

My brother shapes his hand like cup farts in 2 and then sniffs it from dave morris +baldoyle

My wife hates it when i don’t close the cereal box using the tabs on the top Yeh shes a freak but i love her regards leo

AND THE WINNING TEXT THIS MORNING - My mate stevo picks his ears and sits there smelling it if that not bad he then cleans his cats ears with cotton buds and sits and smells that thats sick karl in tyrrelstown