Thursday, February 15, 2007



I went to a house party and i hated the person so i took a crap in his parents chest of draws

I rewired a house and robbed some underware on the girl that lived there

Every morning i would scratch my arse, and then stir my boss's tea with my finger. He deserved it narkey awl fool. Darren

When i worked in england the lads would give me all the crap jobs so i would make their tea out of toilet water to get My own back

When i was nine I stole my older brothers confirmation money and put it in my post office ,i got away with it and he still doesnt know it was me coz my younger brother got the blame.

I took a wee in a mans letter box before cuz he pushed me off his wall

Robbed my aunties engagement ring when i was 12 and gave it to a girlfriend and watched as my sister got the blame.

I once went 2 the shops dressed in my ex girlfriends clothes skirt makeup the whole works she still doesnt know 2 this day

I used to steal womens purses, get them them back for them like a hero just so i could be with them

I ring people in da middle of da nite n wake them 2 ask them are they asleep if day say yeh il say alrite talk 2 ya l8r. .

When i worked in england the lads would give me all the crap jobs so i would make there tea out of toilet water to get My own back

My best mate slept with my wife so i put his baby pictures all over the office and told him that my wife was expecting his child

I rang da buy n sell n put an ad in sayin 2 rabbits n hutch free 2 gud home wit my mates num he musta got a million calls 4 it. .

I didnt like my sisters boyfriend so i was makin a curry so i put dog food in it and he ate it all.

I remember a few years ago a guy was playing a joke on a an other guy and put a pubic hair in his fish and chips.

My boss came to site 1 day giving out hell to us so i rubd my lad on the inside of his helmet

I hate my aunty so one day she was makeing dinner and i spat into the dinner and told her i wasnt hungry and then sat there and watched her eat it

This is my biggest secret. Ive said yes 2my fiance that i wil marry him but i knw myself i wil never ever marry him i wil do a runner on d big day!

I use cut my ex hair i was walking one day with a mate and say him snoging another girl so that night i shaved the back of his hair off and spiked the front with glue telling him it was gel.

I put cling film on the toilet bowl in the teachers bathroom in my school....lets just say it worked!our principal got on the intercom screaming and dem

My boss was a bit of a push over and i disliked her that much that one morning there was a big meeting about to get under way but i dismantled one of her chair legs, and as she was the last in, to sit down in a room of 30 we chocked when her and the chair splattered around the floor.

I remember one day in ballyfermot my sister who is a real joker took the steering wheel of our sister in laws car