Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Slim from major toms. He dressed up as chef from south park to sing chocolate salty balls the other night. He's the skinniest white man going. Linda from

Ollie dowler the best barman and his girlfriend june who works with him both from gregorys in kilcock from junes little sister amy please read this out

Andrew and rafael in porter house central! Grafton st!!

I think darren from gibneys malahide bisett is probably the best barman in the world

Best bar man in dublin david Higgins from quinns pub. so good i married him. from Nicola Higgins in Finglas.

Jenni moore is the best lounge girl ever she always gets up and grabs me a can of beer wen from the fridge when im at home watchen the football, james molloy from Clondalkin

All the staff in gibneys in malahide especially hot Stephanie joyce,ian mccormick and breen geraghty. Duffys n smyths crap

Dublins BEST Bar Man has to be 'eddie' in O' Connell's Richmond St, He's as Handsome as Moe Syzlack, will serve his locals into the EARLY hours

Derek Byrne He's a bar man in the beachcomber killester. Best bar man ever nominated by Phil.

Has to be paddy doyle he has always been around madiganr abbey st

Ian Mulligan, of Tonic Bar in Blackrock, is the nicest, funniest, best looking, most hard working bar person ever! Would charm the knickers off a nun, but we love him all the same! From, Fiona Morrison! X

If u want 2 know who the very best barman is just go 2 the silver granite fran he is super all the custmuers think so

Gerry kelly from rody bolands in rathmines and its his birthday today !

The best bar person in Dublin is NIALL COLLINS in UNCLE TOMS CABIN in dundrum Jill

best bar man is jimmy o connor from de halfway house he works so hard and has always made his family proud from his daughter laura.

Stephen the manager in gregorys in kilcock. Leonie in kilcock.
same! From, Fiona Morrison! X

The best bar woman in the world (because maid is not what she deserves) is Mila van Dulmen of Break for the Border