Friday, July 13, 2007


just about to do test and elderly women just failed test?was reversing and went straight into my tester car i could not stop laughing, i passed

Dermot from Greenhills failed the driving test before he drove off from the test centre cause the demister wasnt working. The inside was like a sauna!

Michelle i got to the test centre no break lights man gave me 5 mins to get it sorted went to the nearest garage i needed 2 bulbs they only had 1 left so a taxi driver took one out of his own car and gave it to me and i passed after all that

My bit of advice to deano wud b t not introduce himself to the tester as "Dangerous Deano".. Richie

I got sick on the tester on my first driveing test

I put my learner sticker on the day of the test. Spit all over it. Tester pealed it off and licked all over it to place it somewhere else. Brian

When i did my test i was very nervis and i drove across my testers foot and broke his big toe and he told me there and then in his big deep voice u have failed and 2 get out of my sight. Brendan

I did my test in a van and while reversing around a corner a guy on a bike came off the footpath into the side of the van. The rest of the test consisted of bringing the guy to hospitag. Still passed! Mat

tI done my test in letterkenny, i saw that he gave me a pink x, so wen finished i drove about a mile past the test centre and told him to get out, it was rainin

Keith the bread man turned up in my van tester got in rolled down the window and my learner signs flu out the window passed anyway first time good luck and good mornin!!!!

On the same test i had 2 get a jump start 5 mins b4, then petrol gage flashed up empty only 2 mins in2 test, i failed! Keith,also had torrential rain

My driving tester was drunk i had to show him and tell him the questions to ask me and he did, and after my test we went for a few jars. I passed my test and and ended up giving my my tester marital advice. And driving him home..:) Anon Athy

i did mine in churchtown i only found out 2 days b4 and i got away wit it doing wit no tax and i passed,muppet dnt even much 4 them checking ure car