Friday, July 13, 2007


wen i brush my teeth i hav to do it a certain way start at the top at the back an work my way to the front if i mess up i hav to start again sometimes id brush them 3 or 4 times in a row til i get it rite

Even though i know i have locked d door when my other half has asked me if its locked i have 2 go & check it again-annoyin! Lucinda

If i walk on a line on path i have 2 walk on another one with the other foot r i feel unbalanced

If i miss dial somethin be it a phone number or tv channel, and it comes up 666, i havta to miss dial it 3 times,

I cant were boxers i have to were thongs michael in dublin

When i buy the newspaper every evening i can never take the one from the top. It must be the second one. I am convinced many others have flicked through the top one. Dee

Have 2 make sure daughters dolls r all dressed at night.

I cant were a bra i am afeard of them kim

I have to stur a cup of tea 5 times clock wise and 5 times anti clock wise

Im actually terrifyed of seeing one legged pigeon.s after being told if i spot one i will lose a limb before im 33. It actually upset.s me even thinkin about it strange from paula in cherryorchard

I always step over the13th step on the stairs and never smoke the13th cigarette i will break it up or give it to somebody

Wen i put my socks on i fold them over at the top becoz its bad luck not 2

Jim did you know that one of the williams sisters when playing in a tennis competition is superstitious and when serving she bounces the ball five times. She believes that if she doesnt do this she will have bad look. I watched her in the final and she bounces the call 5 times before serving from stewart

I always have to salute a magpie when i see one on its own!

On deadliest catch they never leave port on a friday. Day always say you can leave port at 11.59 thursday night, or 12.01 saturday morning.