Monday, October 15, 2007


I used2 work wit a man dat put half eaten sambos burgers any type of food in his pocket&eat l8r yuck

No messing this time i knew this person that when cycling home from work at night time if there was three of us he would be the one in the middle so he did not have to put his lights on his bike john

A guy i know says he owns half a company and has 3 jeep but always has no change and expects me to get d coffee and his bus fair

I was asked out on a date a few yrs ago. He asked me to go to the golden arches. I thought it was some kind of chinese. Really liked him so put in big effort. He brought me to mcdonalds! Needless to say there wasn't a 2nd date!

My bro is so tight dat wen my mam bought him sum self cleaning stuff it cam 2 e9.86 and he asked her 4 d 14c change, he's dat tight dat ye wldnt get a credit card through d cheeks of his as. Aoife

have a mate we call captain stand back.when we walk into a pub he'll stand back from the bar and wait 4 someone to offer him a drink.and he never buys 1 back.conor from sutton

I had a boyfriend who was so stingy that we would go for dinner and at the end of the meal he would make a play of having forgotten that he had no money on him. I would then get to pay for both our dinners! Then one evening after he had eaten his full and claimed not to have cash, i got annoyed enough to ask if he didn't have a credit card- his excuse was that he couldn't use it cause it was german and he would have to send money across by the end of the month and the timing was too late. When asked the same question at the beginning of a month, he had conveniently forgotten his pin no.! Unbelievable! ! From Lindsay.

My mother use 2 paint my feet black goin 2 school cos she wud nt buy shoes Poncho

A guy in our job takes our newspaper every morning and brings it home without asking.if we hide it,he takes it ont from the desk.

Howya lads my mate is so miserable we were in t pub one night and i bought him drink all night when it came to gettin t taxi to t night club he went mad and hounded me because he paid a euro more for sharing t cab

My father inlaw is so mean if there is any left over stew or soup even a drop he freezes it in ice cube trays for wéeks on end i have named them stewbicles ian skelly ballymun