Thursday, October 18, 2007


When i was 5 i did a poo outside the house and blamed our dog.unfortunatly they didnt believe me,at least i didnt have to clean it up

I told me brother that if he scrubbed his face wit a lemon and then put salt on it . It would get rid of his freckles so he went and scrubbed his face raw and his face was 1 big scab for weeks

When i was about 4,i'm the youngest of six kids, my then fifteen yr old brother told me that i was found in the jungle. Said i was a wolf child. I asked how come i didn't look like a wolf and he said cos ma and da had yer teeth filed down and yer facial hair removed! I cried me eyes out! Haha just thought i'd share. Claire

A guy i know told me his mum always told him that women can't fart. He actually believed this til he was 19 and had his first girlfriend who let one rip in front of him. Mary, kimmage

Years ago i was told if i was late for work again i would get the sack then i sleep it out i put talc powder on my face and went into work the boss told me i did not look well and told me to take the day off work gerard conlan

I used 2 work with my friend which wos also my boss at the time. He gave me a lift every morning 2 work. I wos coming home from a party at 4 in the morning so i snuck in 2 his garden & slowly let the air out of his 2 of his tyres. I rang him up at 8 oclock & told him a little white lie (from my bed) that i wos ready 2 go 2 work. He told me 2 it wos o.k. & i cud have the day off kos his car wos out of action. Little did he no wos all he had 2 do wos pump the wheels back u & i got 2 cure my hangover. Were still best mates even now. Gary, cabra.

went to my nieces graduation. I had my photo taken with her gown and hat on me. I sent it to my sister and told her i graduated from trinity college. She took the photo into the camera shop to have it enlarged and framed and put it in pride of place on her mantle piece. She boasted to all her neighbours about me and they still think i am a genius. After about six months we told her it was a big windup.

I was in my parents house a few yrs back wi my ex girlfriend nd she Wasnt feelin well.So she went 2d toilet nd lets jus say she destroyed d toilet nd broke it.Well she was so embarrassed that i made up a huge story told my folks that it was me nd they always look at me weird now wen i visit.Gerry, Dublin

Me n my friend told her 12yr old brother that it was normal 4 a boy his age 2 hav a 13inch terible..he said he did n there was nothin 2 worry about.say he was dreadin getin down 2 with his 1st girlf.michelle..vemrp

Do ya know the big ball with the roads on it in Naas. I told my little bro that that was made of elastic bands he still believes it to this day and he is

Years ago on a family day out on the beach i told my sister i found chalk, it was actually dog poo gone white, and told her not to tell ma cuz she wouldn't let us bring it home, so she snuck it into her bag and when mammy was emptying the bags , she seen t poo and went bananas and my sister got into trouble.. Tee hee..