Thursday, May 10, 2007


My friend nickname is genghis because he look like the dog out of eastenders

My nickname is mouse cause the first thing i ever ate as a baby is cheese and i nibbled on it and im in my 20's and still being called it.

Once met a guy out and he said his nick name was Anna ? Anaconda! In his dreams and mine lol

My nickman is bananas because i cant say it propley

A friend of mine is called Twofoot. Dont know where he got the name but when I asked him he said dont know. SOME GIRL GAVE HIM THE NAME? Wink wink. Taught it was a good funny answer.

My friends call me 'the fox' cause of d way i play poker

Last night we all chose nicknames as birds. I got Owl (clever) my mate got Kingfisher (good angler). Oh and you got Thrush (irritating c**t)

Coco pop's because I've Load's of mole's on my back

My nickname was snake at school, came from my surname Adams, as in the adder snake. South African Steve.

I've a friend called sidecar. Because all his friends have motor bikes and he hasn't!

My friends call me 'chesh' as in cheshire cat frm alice in wonderland because im always smiling and love to wear strips! Danielle

My husband is called Bread. At 13 friends in school thought Moran, his second name sounded like arran, Irish for bread. Still his name 23 years later

We used to call a guy in school Gilbert (company makes rugby balls). Not coz his head was oval the normal long horses way but the other flat way!

Know a fella eddie, put unleaded into diesel car so they called him unleadey