Thursday, May 17, 2007


My blondest moment was when my boyfriend asked me to climb mount errigal wit him.i refused point blank so he did it on his own.when he came down he had an engagement ring wit him.he had climbed it that mornin to leave the ring up so he could propose.oops.

Just saw blond walking along east wall with skirt stuck in her knickers, cyclist stopped to tell her, she was mortified!

Have a 3 yr old daughter & don't get out much except to the zoo & cinema etc. Went to a nightclub with friends & family recently & asked for 2 adult tickets please.

When in college i was day dreaming on way home and trotted into the house 2 up from where i lived, all deco was same as it was same landlord, stood in kitchen looking at this guy who i thought was visiting one of the lads and was there for a good few mins before i copped it wasn't my house! Mortified!

A good few year's ago myself an a few friends were at a pub quiz Q .who is the current heavy weight boxing champion of the world My ex answered . Silvester Stallone .

When de dart 1st came i was sittin on it with my mates goin 2 skool a man told me 2 look at de window seats weren't 4 feet. Cheeky skool girl i was i told him i was illegitimate meanin 2 say illiterate i was so embarrsed.

At an aslan gig wit few mates dya no wat christy does all the hand movements had 1 the girls convienced he was doin sign language for the deaf people up the front!!!She was impressed!

When living in spain i went into a deli type shop and asked for a roast dick , which in spanish is very similar to a roast chicken!

At the sisters second wedding they made the toast to the new man and wife. At the top of my voice i said her first husbands name. Everyones face dropped. Worst was the priest was at our table! Michelle