Friday, May 4, 2007


When sick,i fell asleep/fainted sitting on the toilet.All i know is i woke up upsidedown & semi naked.Had no energy 2get up so had to call boyf to rescue me!

I was so drunk one Nite that i fell asleep on my outside window sil and didn't wake up till the next morn. Ringin wet it rained over Nite phil lally edenderry

Woke up in a garden in renalagh in a mini and fish nets only had to walk back to ballymun at 6 on a sat morning

Feel asleep on my full irish breakfast in manhattan late nite cafe at d end of a nite out.... Tlk bout egg on your face!My mates tried 2 leave me but the workers started shoutin at them 2 take me off

I was in thiland and we were all out on the lash down by the beach. A lot later on that night the lads were walking down the beach heading home. when a local said to the lads is that your mate out there. So they look out into the sea and about 100 meters in there i am floating. All the lads rush into the sea including the locals. When they get to me i'm one off the lads go to grab me and i wake up with a shock. I was just sound asleep floating on my back in the sea. dont know how i got there but i say it had alot to do with the whiskey

A mate of mine after a night out on the beer with us because his wife was away lost his house keys and had to sleep in the boiler house which was only big enough for the boiler and to make matters worse while trying to jimmy open a window the next morning was arrested by the garda because he looked like a tramp

I fell aslep in a storage rm in skool n wen i woke up d skool was locked up,i lived 3 hours of a nitemere til a secuty man answerd my constant bangin

Think i fell asleep waiting for nightlink.can't remember how i got home that night but i'd no shoes on when i got home.

fel asleep in a park on a bench.went drinkin wen was 16 cudnt go zipd up coat +puld up my hood+pretended 2 watch the lads playin a match

I came home to find my dad in the wheely bin(after a night out). He'd forgotten his keys an after it started to rain he thougit it very logical. Debbie, Dublin.

A grave yard then woke up an found an old house with 2 beds an my brother and me slept in a bed each it was at the u 2 slane concert from Caimin in navan

fell asleep on top of a bus stop in stillorgan n got woke by garda ...didn have a clue wat was goin on..Haha

The first time the killers came to oxygen festival i fell asleep standing up watching them. Karen.

I came in very drunk one night and fell asleep on the stairs in my house and my dad found me at the early hours of the morning got a lot of stick off my family for it mick from rathmines....

Came in after a Nite out and was playing wit the dog in the kitchen.... I then woke up on the kitchen floor bout 5hours later wit my dog licking my face.

Damien. i slept on a bench facing laytown bench after i got a taxi back from dublin after a nite out 2 surprise my girlfriend it cost me 85 euro and she didnt here me knockin it was a rainey winters evenin i was baltic cold. I forgave her we get married 28 june07 i love u karen. She now says"treat them mean keep them keen"

Graveyard in spiddle got pushed over the wall i was locked i couldnt get up so i fell asleep

My boyf fell asleep at the wheel waitin on traffic lights one morning last week. He was actually snorin ha ha

I was so tired in work one day i went in to the toilet an fell asleep for bout twenty mins!.. From anna

After a club in seoul in korea we couldn't get a taxi and were Very drunk so we walked to what we thought was a park andclimbed on top of a little hut..we were awoken a few hours later by a loud truck to find we were sleeping in a dirty recycling tip!! Loretta