Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Get this for embarassment.i am always joking around with this guy from work and we put on funny accents when we answer the phone.one morning,i thought it was him calling me and he says in an oul one voice,hi caitriona this is esther. I respond with-alright esther,hows your gee.after a long silence,i realised its a woman called esther who i work with,in her 50's and who was only back from lourdes the night before.caitriona,milltown.

my mother used to fart in mass then give one of us a dig and tell us to excuse ourselves. nice.. Kevin

I was in a shop wit my mam the shop was packed and she let out this big fart then she turned around and looked at me and started tutting i was mortified. I had 2 walk out of de shop.

I have a 5 year old son and his granny normally brings him to school because I start work at 9. Anyway this week I told him I'd bring him so we were getting ready yesterday and he said to me I have an idea I'll go to school on my own but when I told him he can't go on his own he told me to walk behind him.. I've obviously done something to embarrass him ha ha..

It was bout 6 months ago an me an me girlfriend were in me room asleep an me ma an da were out on the rip came home locked... Well me da came up t me room in his boxers askin for a lighter but as he turned the light on his little lad was hangin out i was mortified... Ryan..

My mother heard me call someone a wanker 1 day.she went on to explain that she didn't know wot that meant so she had ta ask my father.all this happened in front of my best friend who never let me live it down.kathy.

My mum met my fellas parents for the first time at my 21st, she was absolutely hammered, sang "like a virgin" on karaoke and handcuffed herself to a stuffed monkey, and danced with it round d pub. MORTIFIED. She was 50 at the time and finished the nite off by crying during a moving speech about me growing up. Sharon x

My dad mooned on top of the cliffs of moher to make my friends smile for a photo it turned out to be a nice photo

Wen d skul bus colectd us at our house, my da use 2 shout out 'moony time' n startd 2moon it as we were getn on it n wen he use 2 drop us 2 skul he use 2 get out of d car n sing d ambrosia 'go west' song! O d shame!

My girlfriend was just leavin the mornin after...i was just givin her a kiss outside when the window opened in my parents room my dad was just in his boxers and he shouts out john i dont no wat a tractor mortgage is...i was so embarassed my neighbours were in stitches laughin aswell-john.