Wednesday, November 28, 2007


One year i was twisted at the xmas party, my control pants were killing me, so i took them off where i THOUGHT nobody kud see, then i peuked all over my top, went home with one of d lads i worked with and turned up for work the next day wearing the same skirt and heels and a kerry jersey. MORTIFIED. AMY

Talk about mortification i was dancing on the dance floor with my boss at the xmas party and i collapsed! I was out cold, the firebrigade couldnt get me to come round and i was taken off in an ambulance. Talk of the office for months after! My colleague came in the ambulance with me but was that drunk he fell on top of me and couldnt get up! I havent been to an xmas party since.

Woz court cuming out of jax with best frend wife by him and he ctms out of jax with my exwife

I was at a dave young show for my christmas party and got up to go to the toilet and when i came back i didnt no anyone at my table it was only when they put the spot light on me that i realised dave young got my table to swap with another to see my reaction. I thought id lost it worse was the whole room of just a few hundred people were watching. The shame

was at my xmas party a few years back u know kufu fighting song i was giving it socks 2 that and off came my shoe right off my bosses face she had a shiner

Walking home looking for a taxi my friend had her shoes off so this fella have her his socks so she put them on went home slept in them and next morning found a big toe nail in them tracy

When i met my husband at our xmas do .11yrs ago, there was this one Who,s daddy was very high up, she was Bitching askin my husband wat on earth he was doin wit a scanger like me! (i'm from "the mun " SHE'S from dalkey! ") she then proceeded to get very drunk and slip on her own vomit! I still see her, and havta smirk.. My husband married that scanger, SHE'S moanin that SHE'S in her 30's wit no man and no babies.. So ha ha ha!!

At my christmas party my boss was very drunk and she knocked my drink out of my hand. I leant down to pick it up and when i stood up i accidentaly headbutted her and busted her nose. I didn't get the best reception toe next day!

I was wasted at my christmas party last year i was feeling sick. Put hand over my mouth but sick sprayed out the side. Then i ended up gettin sick in a urinal

At d arnotts christmas party some yrs ago, myself and my mate noel, who worked in the christmas shop at d time got locked and went bk in2 the store and started pulling »60 (it woz awhile ago) crackers. Security broke thier heart laughing at us but the boss didnt see the funny side. Haha

A guy i wrk with was steaming and refusd to get up and dance without a visiting director of the company whos japanese. After alot of ,ah go on's and no thanks, he pickd up the director by the waist and swung him round the floor like a rag doll. Hilarious!

I worked in an upmarket rest as a waitress. A well known Dublin hairsalon came in and a member of their staff peed on the chair at the dinner table!

We thought it was a great idea to buy a pack of tampons in the hotel shop and go around dropping them in peoples pints of guinness, they swelled up to the size of the glass, a friend of mind decided to fling his at the ceiling ! Within 5mins the whole ceiling was covered in black super size tampons much to the amusement of the hotel staff (not) and we were all asked to leave before 10pm, mick k