Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Jim nd niamh ..once did it with a nurse while i was in hospital ward with the curtains closed over . I was gettin my tonsils removed. that was 2 years ago nd
were gettin married next year....Chris from dublin....

Me and my gf do it on d litl tank over d toilet,ye cant wear trousers tho,unles der only on 1leg,itz savage!

Big wheel at funderland a few years ago, man it was cold.....

We wer all goin 2 hollyhead on d boat.wen d boat left port i woz feeln abit sick,so me n d girl i woz wit at d time went 2 get sum fresh air n ended up havn sex at d front of d stena line n it woz freezn-if d girl is listening she no's who she is.

Hey guys my boyfriend and myself went away for the weekend on the way back we got in the mood so we pulled into a field off the main dublin road done the dead and robbed 2 heads of cabbage while we were there

On the bonett of garda car!was a huge fight one night in town and wen the gards came they abondend there car n went on foot and thats wen me and the missus step in!

Eamonn doran toilets, or when the new bus shelters came out wit the seats, she was waiting on the last bus n 1 thing led to another she had to get a taxi then

Myself and my boyfriend were invited 2 a bible study. we got bored 1 said i needed 2 use the loo then he excused himself and followed me. We had a bit of nookie and returned much happier abett our sin

I did it in a dentist chair beat that john coolock

Did it in a changin room in dundrum shoppin centre. Quick but fun

I went to mexico and worked in a bar/pizza place near the beach in cancun. I had sex with one of my co workers on the counter they make pizzas on. Cas

In a full bath while wearing my jeans. My boyfriend finds it sexy and makes me cut a hole in my old ones. Stephanie.

Bouncie castle at a mates party , conor

On way back from eminem concert.., got tired walkin and had sex underneath big ball at NAAS

I was with my girlfriend on the kitchen table at home on debs night and got caught by my mother.needless to say we didn't eat dinner there for a while.

Once at a bus stop n we went bhind it on2 d church grounds. Once wen we were younger n d sitn rm but suddenly heard her parents cum nd frnt gate,tryd grapn trousers but 1leg wz nside out wot a nite mare n sweat teamin out of me,tank god tey were lockd n jst popd tere head n 2 say hi. Then of crse teres always d pub toilet but n my case it wz d wheelchair toilet n a shopn centre. Terry

Me and my boyfriend had sex in the elevator of the eiffel tower in paris during a very romantic weekend away from Thomas Whelan