Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hi fionn here in dad bought my sisters wart from her for a was gone in joke!

Bread soda is brillant 2 solve smelly feet! I swear 2 god! Put in shoes and give it 10hours. Thanks joe.

Use bakin soda and water on your childs bum for marry rash brillant stuff ruth

Now dont laugh at me but i was told dat for wrinkles especially at d eyes,hemoride cream helps get rid of im only 20 so i aint done it..but has any1 out der?? Oh mornin jim n niamh,love ya's dee! Niamh ur laugh makes me laugh..

If you get a knock (bang your leg of the side of a table or that type of thing!) rub vinegar on the area and it'l bring the bruise up and make it heal quicker

Hi guys urine on warts is the trick nephew had dem on hands urined on dem in shower and there gone frm marie:-)

Just drinkin my homemade honey lemon and ginger on my way to uni to sit an exam and feein lot better already. Margare. Tala

When dying with flu boil tonic water it will fizz just do it slow just wait till it boils and drink it and old italian lady told me the remedy few months ago wen i was dying and it worked a treat. Elaine lucan

2 raw eggs mixed with bovril and hot water bit of salt is a great way to cure a cold,hangover and a

Guys the banana skin on wart really does - saw it on alternative remedy program on tv. Hubby gave it a try and it worked, pub inside of skin on wart or put a bit on wart and cover with plaster - weird but works!

What was the hangover remedy? I drank too much watchin Desperate Housewives last nite, I'm now stuck in traffic not feelin too good..

Hey guys, the best cure for a cold or flu is a lemon, mixed with some olive oil, add a bit of salt to it and top it off with a crushed piece of garlic. Mostafa.