Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hes off to join the priesthood, bertie to join him.

Enda tells bertie how r u 4 a game me twister

Enda to bertie " hey the short black hair with glasses would u" bertie's reply "mary harney ha! No way size of her" enda " minister for health ha!" ben

Tells bertie does ur g.string hurt as much as mine? Paula daly tala

Enda tell's bertie he doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fear' but then he doesn't know the meaning to many word's.

Enda tells Bertie not long now to go me Lover!!! ill finally get you Sacked and we can live Happily ever after.... Karen.

Enda tells berty to go beg on o conell street so he wont have to declare the money Brendan

Enda tells berty to go beg on o conell street so he wont have to declare the money

ENDA TELLS BERTIE IM TOO SEXY FOR D DAIL! From donna gartland drimnagh

Enda tels bertie, would u not b better off wearing a BALACLAVA so ye know were being robbed

Enda tells bertie he has been in touch with the fai and he has no hope dave portland st

Enda tells Bertie "Bertie I AM YOUR FATHER"

Enda tells bertie"im secretly in love with u. My obsession with u is unbelievable" Tee hee! Loulou in sallynoggin x

Enda tells bertie the truth! Bertie looking for someone to explain what 'truth' means. Sandra

Enda tells bertie myself and harney are more than just friends !

Enda tells Berty 2 pak his ski gear, he is taking him on the FMl04 ski trip with him.

Enda tells bertie will dublin beat mayo not if they have enda you. Line from the sawdoctors thanks aidan

Enda tells Bertie that canary yellow is definitely his colour!Conor Byrne working in Sandyford

Enda tells bertie wake me up before you go go! Simone leixlip

Enda tells bertie how can we be lovers if we cant be friends ! Sean mcgoldrick celbridge

Enda tells bertie how they actually got the figs into the fig rolls... Mark, rush.