Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Size does'nt matter"its not my fault u have a big hoop" conor

When i was little, my mum told me i was related 2 orangatangs cause i had fluffy orange hair, when they came on the tv i used 2 shout theres my brother. She let me believe that untill i started school. What a mean woman. Triƶa

I always no when my girlfriend lies,,, hir lips move. . . 4m stephen whelan cabra west.

When your breaking up with someone. its not you its me

I remb with me my twins conformatin money my da told me bank was robed with me money in it gave me 5pound elizabeth finglas haha

Best lie sayin is would i lie to you and you say that after a lie

When my boyfriends friend was booking a hotel for his stag wkend he told them that the group was a "badminton" club

My boyfriend was in a lapdancin club in newcastle.he rang me drunk and told me.i didn't care but the next day he rang and i asked him did he enjoy the lapdancin bar.he denied point blank he was in 1 till i told him he'd told me he was!then he got the head took off him for tellin lies!

Babe i swear she is didnt mean to send that text to me it was by mistake my name is the first in her phone book from alan if she hears this il be killed
When i was in school my phrase was always 'Sorry but If i dont remember i could.nt have done it' . It all ways seemed to work.

My boyfriends friend lied to his girlfriend n said he went to belguim wit lads. But dey really went to amsterdam! N we all had to pretend too cause she would of let him go ha ha

Here is a lie...of course the baby is yours!

My friend once rang up my work and said that he had been hit by a car and his two legs were broke, he used his own name and all. I had to lie about it for ages

i only seen ur missed call/txt now by s brennan
When i was 4 i had a gold fish and it was floatin on top of d bowl so ma said she was bringin it to the vet but when i came home it was on the front step cos she was after feedin it to the cat..

Karl. I came up 2 a checkpoint in my van wit the bird who's pregnant i had no tax wen the card came up 2 the window told him she was goin in2 labour he went wax and waved me threw
its not you its me what a classic.

Men lie about how much they get paid the most fact . . Paul dunboyne.
Everytime a homeless person asks me for change I tell him or her I dont have any..... From Phil

What about when someone is doing charity at a shop and you say have no change keith finglas

My biggest lie is telling my partner i love him! Ciaran.