Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Jim my dog likes to play ball in the back garden every day...he wont play and sulks all day if nobody will go out and play for a few i go out 1 day and he gets all excited...wit my 1st kick of the ball i chipped it too high into a thorn bush and burst it...lands rite in front of the dog so he decides to mark my leg to let me no how he feels bout it...Owen

My girlfriends cat plays with himself. He makes himself real comfy against the wall and goes for it. And if anyone tries to stop him gelar out with his nails. Liam 0863886385

10 years ago moved into new house in ballyfermot after 1year got heating in house found 2 foot snake under floor found out got out on the people that moved out ps yet it was dead ,mick

My uncle was babysittin us yrs back n his son told him our fish was thirsty so he told him 2 give it a drink , he gave him a litre of milk n left the poor fish in it till we came home fr school , the fish lived !

I used 2 breed chipmonks and i let them out when i was cleaning them out one day and the mammy one disappeard i cud hear her in the wall a fw hrs later she was on the roof out side!my dad had 2 get a fishing net and get up onto the shed she was so clever she came over 2my dad got into the net and one she was dwn she jumped back out of the net and up and dwn the street it was hilarious all the kids on the rd chased her!i eventually got her back

My dog is getts very excited so one time he was lying On his back while my sister in law was rubbing him he pissed straight in her face it was so funny

I've got a siberian husky, he's big and wolf like but he's an absolute wimp and is terrified of mice! We had a couple in the house this winter and he whines and jumps up on the armchair or runs into the corner if he spots one. Laura, north co dublin

Set story. I live in dublin and when i was a child our set jack russel tinker went missing. The search party went out and my late granoy who was up from the country set on up the old dunsink road alongside the halting site shouting at the top of her voice "tinker tinker" how she got out alive i will never know. Needless to say tinker was found at home eating the lamb chops off the pan!

My dog was in garden came into house object in mouth i got it out covered in blood kids rabbit next door now dead put in bath cleaned up blow dry so it was fluffy wait till night i put back in hutch next morn saw mother very sad said that rabbit died last week kids buried it now it is back in hutch

One time we had builders in repaneling our bath and later wen they had left we heard meows and after a long time of figuring out where they were coming frm we realised our cat had screwed inside the bath panel!

I read in the paper when i was living in switzerland that a woman's hamster fell into a bath full of water. Rather than just taking it out, and towel-drying the yoke, she decided to put it into the MICROWAVE to dry it off. The poor thing exploded in the microwave! Mary, Kimmage

When i was 3 the back door slammed on my dogs tail, poor fella was wagging it around blood splashing everywhere. My miner was trying to grab him to stop the bleeding when she came into the kitchen i was on the phone to the ambulance my mother hasnt stopped telling the story, cheers harry