Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Do u remember hong kong fuey i used 2 wear a hugh cardigan with rope belt

When i was 13 the trend was leather waist coats and paisley shirts hidious !

My mother bought me Bros jeans and jumper and i didn't even like them.

I had x works jeans with a barcode on the arse and then an x works jumper with a barcode on the back. Thought i was deadly. Caoilinn in lucan

Myself an my Sis wore PJs that my Mam bought at d door thinkin dey were Tracksuits, she MADE us wear them. Sooo funny. We got some slaggin!

White socks with the faces of the bay city rollers on them i was 5

i had one of them flint stone jumpers in red, with Bros jeans an them smiley face shoe's. My clothes for te plane goin to australia. The shame

Flowery coolots wit a 'i luv jason andkylie manogue' tshirt. Me and my sister had matching ones. The shame!

My frend's fav outfit is a kinda flurescent salmon handbag,a baggy striped yellow and white long sleeved top that she found in a skip(not joking) bright green trousers and blood red sandals........all on a night out!

myself and my sister had matching orange levI 501 t-shirts and red cycling shorts!

When i was 13 or 14 i wore grey slipon shoes white toweling socks and tight white wash jeans .david

I had a bright yellow ben sherman shirt and i had my hair bleached and d roots were showin.i looked like a bad banana. Dave from navan

My worst fashion days was when ud go to wesley&dress in mini skirts with no underware!!Or i member wearing my boyfriends navy work clothes!

I had a pair of Jeans (to my ankles!) wit a picture of Garfield on 1 leg&Odie on d other!! Also wore shiny bicycle shorts wit long white socks-sexy! Eithne

D must have's for d chairans disco in donnycarney was two tone jeans and a paisley hoody r else a quality pair of dungaree.'s all of which u got in boyer's bargain basement ....... Now thats trendy

My four year old daughter insisted on going to school yesterday with a tu tu jeans pair of pink wellies and a crown on her head had to take a photo for future blackmail ha

Stone washed skin tight jeans eighteen hole dock martins and longsleved heavy metal sweatshirts

I used to wear bicycle shorts and pumps with white socks dave

Do you's remember the nafco-54 jackets the black bomber jackets with the grey cotton hood. Chris

My dad wore and still does wear black leather shoes with white socks and shorts. Showing the skinny and ghost white legs. Lovely

My fella had a bros tracksuit his mam loved them and made him wear it

Wat about this demi jeans demi jacket broies white shirt red leather tie get the fashion police i though i wat the dogs

I had a snorkle jacket

Black jeans desert boots and check shirts

Niamh you would freak out a women what works with me still wears LOFERS with WHITE socks

I had a leather jacket de same as micheal jacket it was red and black