Thursday, March 22, 2007


Robbed de baby jesus from school church and left a ransom note

In secondary school De teachers got us 2make them lunch for home ec class! We swept de floor into it, wiped de toilet into it& spit into de lasagne! We put everything u can imagine into it! And we sat there &watched dem eating it! Seriously how stupid were they! Jacqui in Coolock x

There was this guy who was always cursing in class. Our teacher had enough and washed his mouth out with soap! It was hilarious...Alex Jimenez,Santry

We superglued our p.e. teacher to the radiator! She always sat on it. Ruined her nike bottoms. Lisa

We had an off tuned radio in a locker at d bac at d class n told d subtitue teacher that it was d radiator n if she kicked it, it wud stop so she kickedit all d way through d class it was very funny, from louise

My dad and his mates used to bring their teachers bike in through the window when he was walkin around to the front of the school, dismantle it and lay it on the desk. Then when he would go to get the principle they would put it all back together and back out the window. When the teacher came with the head he would be given a smack for wasting his time.

Glenn from Finglas, our religion teacher let us watch a video every Friday afternoon but one Friday we switched the tapes with a blue movie, that was my kind of class

Our last week in school we took all the pictures off the walls and hid them. Left a ransom note on the wall. They never found out who it was but threatened not to let us graduate. We didn't put them back, brown nose prefects did. Fiona

I turned on the gas tap in the lab. Then a lad came over to lite a candal and bang he lost half of his hair.

Me and my mate locked our woodwork teatcher in the store and let of stink bombs. Brendan.

Howya lads we had a teacher with a big wooly nut and i held the record for pea shooting balls of paper into it, 11. It was hilarious it was so bushy he couldn feel them hitting him. From nigel in rathcoole.. P.s love the show.

Our teacher told us 2 keep our eye on the black board as she went away 4 a min. And the joker i am tok out my artifical eye and tapd it 2 board.

Wen i was in primary i put soap in da principles kettle nd he ended up drinkin his tea wit soap in it! Ha ha! It was so funny! Frm samantha in mullingar.