Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ive a phobia of being alone

My teeth are killing me, but sacred of needles,

I've also got a fear of this woman i c everyday outside sellin d big issue r begging.When u wlk past she mumbles stuff.I'm afraid she's putn a curse on me :-/

My friend has a fear of peacocks. Lou, swords

I've a horrible fear of Jelly wasps. Them evil little things eat meat, i swear to ya. I saw them as a child flyin out of a dead pigion,carryin bits of pigion!

My flatmates boyfriend has a fear of banana's! Can't touch them!

I've got a huge fear of feet & pigeons.They freak me out.Ciara :-)

My friend has a fear of hair in her food. Mies

I have a fear of slides have a nice day carol

Iv a huge fear of feet! They are horrible and i cant stand people touching my feet even himself rubbin off my feet in bed! Amy in clondalkin!

I have an insane fear of cows. My friends slag me all d time, especially if we'r driving through the country, they moo at me.

Friend has fear of crunchie bar wrappers fitto

Ive a fear of jellyfish

Ive a phobia of listening to another radio station.dave Donovan

Im afraid of nuns, mark, navan