Wednesday, March 7, 2007


In every espiode of only fools and horses, darling buds of may and frost, david jason is either eating or drinking.

Did you know that if you ate 24 bananas in a day You'd die! The potassium would kill you. Your body wouldn't let you do it, but technically its true! Erin x

The reason we say "bless u" when someone sneezes is because when u sneeze ur heart stops for that split second

If u sneaze + fart at the same time its sore so if u hadnt got a hole in ur arse ur belly would burst any way top of the morning to u jim and niamh from darrel

You sweat almost a litre everynight. And that backwards screaming one could be right because i cant do it. Can you??

Hey ya know if u sneeze with ur eyes open they will fall out! lol xxx sarah

In every jar of peanut butter there is at least 1 cockroach. True i saw it on a tv doco.

When u sneeze u have 1 eight of an orgasm.Barry.

Too much wanking will make you blind!!

Giraffes cant cough!!

Did u kno sharks cant get cancer.

A FACT most people dont know. . . An amber light means STOP. . . . . Muppets. . . . !

Heya!!xx bob marley had 52 kind of nits!

Women fart more than men. the pong is more potent too. Phewwwwwwww... Brian Paul

Your baby finger is the lenght of your nose,mouth,ears,and eye socket vicky blanchardstown

Birds cant fart and if you gave them any of drinks for hang overs there stomach would explod!its true. Jonny

More people die a year from coconuts falling on their head than shark attacks

Men cant hold in a fart but are brilliant at keeping secrets. Women are able to hold in a fart but cant keep in a secret. So if you want a woman to keepa secret whisper it up her arse

It's illegal in canada 2 push a moose out of a plane...

Ashton kutcher has webbed feet..

If donald duck doesn't wear pants why does he put a towel around him when he gets out of the bath or shower. Declan dunne

Why do women not have an adam's apple and what is a adam's apple for dave

Horses can only breathe throu nose-not mouth and they cant throw up! –gina

Green flys are born pregnant...

It is illegal to mispronounce 'Arkansas' while in the state of Arkansas!

Real diamonds can be made from peanut butter!

At birth, a panda bear is smaller than a mouse.

It was discovered on a space mission that a frog can throw up.

If you cut a 'V' shape into your toe nails, you can prevent 'in-grown' toe nails

Americans will spend more on cat food this year than baby food.

About 2/3 of American men prefer boxers to briefs.

The average human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap.

In Nebraska, It is illegal for bar owners to sell beer unless they are simultaneously brewing a kettle of soup.

In the movie 'The Wizard Of Oz', Toto the dog's salary was $125 a week, while Judy Garland was $500 a week.

If you cut off a snail's eye, it will grow a new one.

85% of men don't use the slit in their underwear.