Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Me bro picks his toe nails with the good kitchen knife and he always dose it even though I go mental every time

The thing that wrecks my head is people walkin into exams and sayin I didn't study and they did! or when people come out of an exam and say I failed that

People missing the toilet when they go for a pee.

People who give u a shower when talking u get sprayed from head to toe the just open their mouth and ups its disgusting teresa

My girlfriend picks her split ends and then rips them in two it drives me mad

My moth spends all me bleeding money and that gets on my chomper big time.

People that eat with their mouths open. Pigs

This is what really annoys me... When people bang the fork off their teeth when eatin then sit there and suck on their teeth.. Cindy in clondalkin..

When i was in school my teacher picked his nose! Worse habit ever!

I eat my scab's.. Ciaran... Walkinstown