Thursday, June 7, 2007


I can dislocate my shoulder and lick my elbow. Don’t ask how I know that I just do. From Abbie

I'm double jointed in my knees. I can bend them right back. From Sinead

Good morning Jim and Niamh I can play the tin whistle with my nose its good craic at parties from Mick

I can pick my nose with my big toe. Tony in Darndale

Can take a cork out of an empty wine bottle using only a tea towel... And can also make the tea towel look like a chicken...

I can pull a rubber glove down over my head as far as my nose, and blow it up wit my nose until it explodes! Paul,

My party piece… I can light my farts on fire. ray Mullins from finglas

I can play the tin whistle with my nose and bend my fingers back until they touch the back of my hand!

I can fold my ear into my ear and then make it pop out without touching it just by making a funny face. Chris

My party trick is taking my eye out sticking it in my pint when goin the toilet so as 2 keep an eye on it. Traze

My mate can ballance a full pint on his tounge