Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Im driving along in my lorry on the M50 and i thought id text in to let you know how nice people are because they keep waving at me and pointing at my lorry. Also even tough its raining out its quite warm because im burning up in my lorry !

Mary harney is walking around the m50 with some umpa lumpas looking for the chocolate factory, Trev

Iv seen micheal mc, dowell out on a tower crain, demand attention for es job back, i think e should sack wearin the tutu! Its not workin haha

Chuck Norris is on O'Connell Bridge directing traffic with the spire.

I just saw niamhs mam drive past on the M50 with about half a dozen children hanging on to the outside of her car !

Bob geldof has done a streak down the middle of the m50 shoutin,Peace! And the guard's have arrested him for indecent exposure.

Boa geldof is colkectn money 4 charity wile randy newman sings his new song 'dnt hassle da hoff'. Andy

Steve staunton is naked on the toll bridge washing cars for free.

The fantastic four are no more i just saw them being over powered by the hulk and david hasslehoff.

Wonder woman and the invisible man are offering cuddles. Shit i just seen super man slap his boyfriend spider man with the truck that was on fire

Gordon Ramsay is running up and down the m50 f=ing everyone off

There is a giant destroying dorset st looking for the wax museum.

Chuck norris jst roundhouse kickd a mary poppins 4 not givin him food!! Into a micra! Andy

Micheal barrymore has just been seen gettin a DART

Newsflash - M50 upgrade is actually a cover for a runway for The Thunderbirds, going to save the world, well, if and when its finished. South African Steve.

My god optimus prime is on the m50 at finglas and just transformed into a cinema!! But the gremlins were fed after 12 and are causin mayhem!

Mary poppins is going 2 each car offering a spoonful of sugar. Mite nick her brollie. I wont b late 4 work than

I was served by a monkey wit sunglasses on the m50 tolbridge’’

I just saw the bertie scutting on the back of that burning van

Cirean whelan punching the head of that mucka gramh geraty of meath at m 5o up the dubs

Bruce willis is hanging off the side of the maynooth train to pearse st,hes wearing a white vest and its all dirty,wonder whats going on?

Rambo is running down the m50 because Rocky is chasing him to be first to rescue the man in the burning truck