Monday, June 18, 2007


Lads IRA was de best game. There were 2 teams and each team has a secret word. Den each member has a letter of der teams secret word. Den everyone runs nd tries t find an opposite team member nd wen ya find den ya literly beat dem up t get der letter nd if dey wont give it t ya, ya hav t torture dem ha. Den wen ya get a few letters ya try guess de word. 1st t guess de word wins! Greg

A few games where Scotch(getting wacked by the ball),bull dog(or maybe called red rover),we used to play lots of games with rope,skipping,jump as it goes higher.Also elastics was played.Yeah lots of fresh air no computer games for us .Frm rachael.

Did u play red rover wear u linked hands and called some ne from the other team and thay had to brake the link if not thay had to come on to your team .

Queenie -i -o who has the ball, is she big r is she small, is she fat or is she thin r does she hav a weddin ring. One person threw the ball and whoever caught it hid it.

Gud mornin on the squares on the road ye used 2 play pussy 4 corners can u remember dat one?

Kick t can. Rounders. Kerbs are gr8 games and not 4getting spin t bottle where u get 2 kiss t goodlooking boys. katherine.

Bulldog and kiss chasing

Kiss chasing, kick d can, relievio, red rover. Mary

How about knock a Dolly... Where ya use to knock on a door and run off... Gary in tallaght

Combo bashings

When I lived in Cabra I used to go to the train tracks and put stuff from pound coins to little toy cars on the tracks and watch the train flatten the stuff from Mark

Pebble dash,tro a pebble at a window an leggit.Another 1 we played was seeds,which was like football tennis.We'd paint the court on the road.Keith,Tallaght

Swingball, outside d caravan in blackwater, dn ud get real cocky with d bat and end up slapping ur aponent instead of d ball they'd end up with a thick lip and so wld u coz ur mam wld give u a box 4 not being more careful! Denise Best, Firhouse.

Tip d can, elastics, red rover,bulldogs charge,ira, mother may i, what time is it mr.wolf, polo, splits, bamboo sticks, oh d memories! Amy wallace frm sandyford

Kerbs. Throwing a ball against the kerbs on each side of the road. The only reason kids don’t play these games anymore is because they have x boxes and playstations, the internet and sky TV. We were lucky if we owned a TV. And if you did it was black and white and took 3 hours to tune in with cats ears. We only had bog 1 and bog 2. And there was never anything good on to watch so we had to use our imaginations and come up with games like, scotch and kerbs and rounders. Give a kid a ball today and they will ask how it works. Where do we plug it in?