Monday, June 11, 2007


When i was 4 my appendix burst i was at home. My dad brought me 2 the hospital where i had 2 have an operation. Was in there 10 days after. Stephen

I ran trough a glass door and tore ligaments and a tendon in my hand. The worst part was getting a tetanus in the ass on front of the girlfriends mam

almost chopped my finger off with a hatchet when i was twelve was cutting wood and missEd THE wood lol nice scar tho!! Richard in drumcondra

Worst pain of my life, first day of holidays in gran canaria walking down road and my ear got caught in a bush and next thing I knew it was hanging off it was a nightmare Dave

7 yrs old and 'helping' my Dad out in the garden and stuck a garden fork through my big toe. Had been told not 2 touch it so hopped back in2 house then screamed

Andy my worst pain was when i ignored ingrown toe nail for yonks and had to get whole nail removed by doc. . . The pain of getting few injections up under the nail was horrible - my language was choice. Get it fixed before it gets infected, because it will eventually!! Helen

Most pain i felt was in work when a pallet of coke was lowered on my toes and no safety boots on..i needed 3 surgeries to fix my big toe..Noel.

Hi guys when i was younger i was ice skating and taking the boots off( like the way u kick shoes off ) well the blade cut of right between my two toes ......

Mornin strawberries. I had my varicous veins stripped from my leg last year which wasn't too sore but when i got home that night my 1 year old was so happy to see me that she jumped on me and burst my stitches. Turlough in Navan

Broke my leg in two places and one in my ankle at same time playing football! Bones were just 1 mm from breaking the skin! Brian in Navan

I work as a butcher and i once managed to slice my finger nail off as well as cuttin off the top of my finger

I got hit in the face with a high jump poll at sports day and i wasn't even jumping, i was just watching

Hi guys ... Fell of the roof of an old renault 4 that was on top of an other car in a scrap yard and caught my groin on the rusty chrome bumper and was hangin for about 20 mins until my dad lifted me off