Friday, June 1, 2007


A papr bag and a blonde jump off a cliff which lands 1st? The bag,the blonde has to ask for directions!

What dose a dirty egg do? Leaves his yolk hanging out

Whats yellow and fluffy? Yellow fluff. Whats red and fluffy? red fluff, whats black and fluffy? Yellow fluff in the dark

What do u call a spanish man who got his car stolen? Carlos

Doctor doctor i have a strawberry stuck up me bum! Doc....hold on and i get you some cream!!!;-)

Wats pink and fluffy=pink fluff wats blue and fluffy - pink fluff holding its breath

What do u call an egg in a robbed car? A mad yolk

What do u call a one eyed 3 legged donkey who likes elvis? A winky wonkey honky tonky donky!

Wot woz de crab doin on de dance floor . Pullin a muscle

What do u call a chav in a box. Innit! What do u call a chav in a filing cabnet? Sorted!

What happened when the farmer died? There was a big turnip at the the funeral.

THE SAD LIFE OF A PENIS: I've only one eye, my hair is a mess, my relatives are nuts,my neighbours an arsehole, my best friends a c**t & my owners a wanker